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After Twitter Files, users reject censorship: among free platforms, GETTR keep growing

In 2023, social networks will be engulfed by a veritable tsunami, a paradigm shift that will also affect the world of information. The trigger is censorship being used as a (very powerful) weapon to impose the mainstream narrative and manipulate public opinion: an escalation that culminated with the blocking of US President Donald Trump and, along with him, millions of profiles that do not conform to the single thought.

Providing evidence was Elon Musk with the TwitterFiles, documents that unequivocally demonstrate the political matrix of those decisions as well as the decidedly Orwellian approach with which they were motivated: for example, censorship was renamed “fight against fake news,” the imposition of political correctness is passed off as “defense of rights,” and anyone who dares to disagree is pointed at as a “conspiracy theorist.”

It is obvious that Tesla’s owner has sniffed out the deal: create the need by showing the world the true face of BigTech and offer billions of users a truly free alternative. A market segment that others have turned to before him, including Trump himself with Truth Social – at the moment only available in the States – and his former Senior Advisor Jason Miller, who on July 4, 2021 launched the alternative platform that also boasts the best numbers outside the United States: GETTR.

We’re talking about 7.5 million active users and a growth rate of 246 percent in the U.S., 89 percent in Japan, 266 percent in Brazil, 743 percent in the U.K., and 146 percent in France for a platform that offers a quality and in some respects innovative user experience: posts up to 777 characters (with the possibility of making edits to posts), a section dedicated to short vertical videos (which have been called Vision), and a real live streaming schedule composed of TV formats such as Steve Bannon‘s famous WarRoom.

In addition to Trump’s former chief White House strategist and most Republican politicians, there are now many opinion makers who have opened profiles on GETTR, including former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, Jair Bolsonaro, Eric Zemmour, and political commentators such as Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Mark Levin.

“In just 18 short months, GETTR has built an unparalleled international social media community thanks to an amazing user base and a devoted employee team,” explains CEO Jason Miller, adding that “these astounding numbers prove GETTR’s message of free speech resonates with users worldwide, and as we continue to develop more exclusive livestream content, we believe we are the only challenger platform who can take on the Silicon Valley social media establishment.”

Jason Miller, CEO of GETTR

The name is a neologism resulting from getting (or get) together – that is, being together – and, Miller says, the torch represents “light in the darkness.” Undoubtedly, Italy has all the prerequisites to become a strategic market for a platform like GETTR: Giorgia Meloni‘s leadership has made it the most important political laboratory of conservatism in Europe, and the presence of a very radical left has led to a strong polarization of the context, exacerbating a social divide in many respects similar to the one that has degenerated in the United States.

In the age of the digital revolution, things can change much faster than we imagine: suffice it to say that until a few months ago we believed that there were no alternatives to mainstream platforms, while today we are witnessing the constant crumbling of the fortress erected by the Web giants, which are losing users and money every day because of a serious mistake: underestimating the importance of the value of freedom.


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Consulente di marketing digitale, docente alla IATH Academy, è autore di 9 libri. È stato inviato di Vanity Fair alle elezioni USA dopo aver fatto il giro del mondo come Alex Anderson, il candidato fake alle presidenziali americane del 2016.

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