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Left and mainstream hate Musk because the Twitter Files bring out the truth

Name: Democrats, Nickname: Russian hackers. In short, this is what emerges from the Twitter Files disclosed by Elon Musk at the hands of journalist Matt Taibbi, who not surprisingly ended up immediately in the dock of the Special Court of Political Correctness.

This is a veritable transnational body composed of almost the entirety of the mainstream media as well as the radical chic left and, as we shall see, much of the BigTech establishment, all united in immediately implementing a time-tested self-defense technique: minimizing the scope of the news, shifting attention to irrelevant details, discrediting the source, and ridiculing the aggrieved party (Trump, Republicans, and anyone who does not conform to the singular line of thinking) by altering the content of the reactions.

Before proceeding, it is necessary to clarify what really emerged from the documents in question:

  1. Democrats routinely ask BigTech to censor news and issues not akin to their narrative;
  2. Democrats have the ability to do so because most of the employees of these companies openly support their party;
  3. Twitter knew it was lying when it censored Biden’s son’s story before the 2020 presidential election.

We are facing a mass manipulation attempt unprecedented in the history of Western democracies, which Pulitzer Prize winner Glenn Greenwald aptly called “the biggest media scandal of the last decade,” recalling that he was forced to leave the newspaper he himself founded-The Intercept-because the rest of the editorial staff censored an article of his in which he called “a lie” the memo by which the CIA classified as “Russian disinformation” the New York Post’s scoop on compromising documents found in a laptop that Hunter Biden (son of current President Joe) had never picked up from the computer technician to whom he had taken it for repair.

In essence, the really relevant files contained on that laptop were certainly not the sex photos, which in fact have been used by the mainstream to divert attention from the really compromising facts –  the emails showing then-Vice President Joe Biden‘s interference with the Ukrainian government to further the business of his son Hunter, who was earning $83,000 a month to sit on the board of Burisma Holding, a Ukrainian energy company that the U.S.  government considered corrupt. This is the issue that was at the center of the phone call between Trump and Zelensky, for which impeachment proceedings were initiated in 2019 that soon fell apart: filed after a month and a half.

All this was a few weeks before the Nov. 3, 2020 election: it is quite clear that having hushed up an issue of such magnitude shifted the balance in favor of the Democratic candidate.

The front page of the October 14, 2020 New York Post

There is a very simple reason why none of the media outlets that spread the CIA-invented lie today say how things actually are: if they did, their entire ideological narrative in favor of the Democrats would melt like snow in the sun and, as a result, they would be forced to agree with the hated Trump.

This is the main reason for the growing bitterness on the part of the mainstream towards Elon Musk, who, by freeing Twitter from the ideological cage in which it had been confined by re-establishing the principle of freedom of opinion, has broken through the wall behind which lay the big lie of one-way censorship, according to which any opinion that does not conform to political correctness is to be censored with the stigma of “disinformation” and “fake news.”

This is a real epochal revolution, the one started by Musk, since by rebalancing the debate and introducing a new business model it will be able to overturn the current paradigm; in fact, it would be a real refounding of the Web that, physiologically, would counteract one of the absolute most harmful side effects for society: polarization.

It is certainly no coincidence that the new owner of Twitter continually reiterates that one of his main goals is to create the conditions for those with different ideas to return to civil debate, instead of dividing them-as is currently the case-in echo chambers that only produce the result of radicalizing both sides by making them irreconcilable.

Whether the left and the “system” that Marcello Foa brilliantly described in his last book likes it or not, right now Elon Musk is like Morpheus in the first episode of the Matrix: he is only offering us the truth, nothing more. If the business feat succeeds, the Web and social networks would once again become a terrain of debate governed by freedom of opinion and no longer by the dictatorship of single mindedness, with no responsibility for what each person publishes.

Given the way things are, it is certainly worth taking the little red pill, and seeing how just how deep the rabbit hole is.

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è consulente di marketing strategico, keynote speaker e docente di branding e marketing digitale all’International Academy of Tourism and Hospitality. È stato inviato di «Vanity Fair» negli Stati Uniti per seguire Donald Trump, a Kiev per la campagna elettorale di Zelensky, collabora con diversi media ed è autore di 10 libri. Nel 2016, per promuovere la versione inglese de Il Predestinato ha inventato la sua finta candidatura alle primarie repubblicane sotto le mentite spoglie del protagonista del romanzo, il giovane Congressman Alex Anderson. Una case history di cui si sono occupati i principali network di tutto il mondo.

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