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The friend is Trump, the enemy is China

If you think that Trump and Xi are already fighting, make yourself comfortable, because this is nothing: a big clash is on the horizon, a sort of Big Bang from which will emerge the geopolitical structure of the post-coronavirus. The classic appointment with history, to which Italy would be better being prepared and above all, place itself on the right side, which is certainly not China ’s one.

Coronavirus: Beijing’s responsibilities are objective

In Italy, we were the first to speak explicitly about China’s responsibilities and about the chance, for all countries affected by Covid-19, to demand a billionaire compensation for damages caused by Beijing. James Kraska explained it better than anyone else the modality and the terms in this article written accordingly with the international law and – attention – sticking to the facts, which are incontrovertible, objective and in the public domain:

  • They destroyed any evidence of the origin of Covid-19;
  • Censorship and repression has fallen on anyone who spreads news about Coronavirus: Dr. Li Weliang, the doctor who first shared information on that mysterious virus was arrested and, in the following months, died of Coronavirus in at least shady circumstances, while there is no news of researcher Huang Yan Ling;
  • They have not given useful information neither to prevent the pandemic in time, much less at this stage they are providing anything to help the search of the vaccine.

The origin of the virus

Now even many mainstream media had to back down, since there is no certainty about the origin of the virus; before any consideration on the merits, it is necessary to ask a trivial question.

If it is true that Covid-19 is of animal origin, statistically, how likely is it that the transition from bat to human occurred just a few tens of meters from the laboratory where, incidentally, they work on that kind of virus?

It’s approximately a number close to zero, which becomes lower if we consider the contents of the cables revealed by the Washington Post: in 2018, some American officials visited the Wuhan laboratory more than once, reporting “a serious lack of adequately trained technicians, necessary to operate safely “.

Fake news and conspiracy used as a “shield” by China and its similar

Be careful, because this is a decisive element to read the facts without the distorting lenses of the Chinese communist regime Propaganda’s bass drum, which is composed of those who, obviously, cultivate good economic interests in Beijing: the large companies that have outsourced and produce there at 5 to sell here at 1,000. And together with them the whole bunch of media that are financed by those multinationals: dog does not eat dog, of course.

Thus, it happens that all of these stakeholders stick together and brand discussions such as those about the origin of the virus and compensation for damages as conspiracy theories or even fake news. The strategy is very subtle, because people less used to go deep may end up taking the “official version” for granted.

It works like this: a series of objective facts is answered by introducing one or more elements aimed at making the whole thesis lose credibility. Example: Trump who talks about the origin of the virus is opposed to the theory that “China had no interest in getting infected on its own”, although the accusatory thesis does not explicitly speak of the deliberate spread of Covid-19 but, more likely , that it is the result of an accident in the Wuhan laboratory.

Italy must be with the USA

We are Italy, for God’s sake: history, Made in Italy, tourism. We are the third economy and the second manufacture in Europe and our gold reserves are fourth worldwide. Unfortunately our political system objectively sucks: it has gave birth to 66 governments in 73 years, due to lack of popular legitimacy and consequent political inconsistency, in Europe have always been dressed as beggars with a saucer in our hands.

Today, in the middle of the worst emergency since the post-war period, we had yet another demonstration of how badly the other Countries of the European Union see us: Merkel & Co. would do anything rather than helping us.

As well as it is a fact that in times of need President Trump has lent a hand several times to Italy, even though he is facing the crisis at home too. Economic aids and, here the latest piece of news, the choice to address Fincantieri a contract worth around 6 billion for the construction of the new frigates of the US Navy.

The Italian government is an obstacle

Yes, it is: for us Italians, who are fed up with a government that has proven itself incapable on all fronts and that we expect an opposition that will – finally – go from social media posts to facts: which means distrust to the government led by Giuseppe Conte. Also because the usual story that, during an emergency, it is necessary to support the government in office makes sense as long as the executive proves to rise the occasion, while it is irresponsible to keep politically alive those who are not able to manage it.

Furthermore, concerning our relations with China, the declarations of Di Maio and Di Battista who, like Conte, respond Beppe Grillo’s meeting with the Chinese ambassador at the end of November: a two-hour meeting and half of it is still secret.

Now West is regaining its role

After that sensationally missed post-September 11th, this is the opportunity to put things right: to free ourselves from China by regaining our economic independence and bringing work back to our home, ending the damage caused by the villainous agreements (in Italy see under “Romano Prodi”) for which the rights and wages of our workers have been levelled towards the abyss of Chinese counterparts, in many cases forced to work in semi-slavery.

As James Kraska explains, the countries where the pandemic has arrived have every right to ask China for a billionaire compensation and, if Beijing refused to pay, they would be entitled to implement economic sanctions.

An unrepeatable scenario that, in the medium term, could even play in favour of all those Chinese who would like to overthrow the communist regime, regaining their freedom. Which, unlike ours, has stopped long before Wuhan.

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è consulente di marketing strategico, keynote speaker e docente di branding e marketing digitale all’International Academy of Tourism and Hospitality. È stato inviato di «Vanity Fair» negli Stati Uniti per seguire Donald Trump, a Kiev per la campagna elettorale di Zelensky, collabora con diversi media ed è autore di 10 libri. Nel 2016, per promuovere la versione inglese de Il Predestinato ha inventato la sua finta candidatura alle primarie repubblicane sotto le mentite spoglie del protagonista del romanzo, il giovane Congressman Alex Anderson. Una case history di cui si sono occupati i principali network di tutto il mondo.

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