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Alex Anderson runs again for the elections and takes Orwell To Las Vegas CES2020

“No thanks, I don’t vote in the United States,” or “Excuse me, you’re the candidate, aren’t you? Can we take a selfie together?” Among the tens of thousands of people who cross the threshold of the CES in Las Vegas, many blink their eyes when they find in their hands the flyer of ANDER20N for President, made even more digital by the 2 and zero that replace the letters S and O. On the other hand, when we’ve been selected to for CES2020, we had no doubt: Orwell could not have had a better testimonial than Alex, even more so in his natural habitat, or the United States, at the beginning of the presidential election year. Absolutely perfect. Of course, it takes courage (in addition to a pretty nerve) to travel with two trolleys full of merchandise that, at first glance, really seems to be election campaign material for a candidate who cannot be elected because he is not true.

Yet, as already happened in 2016, the Americans welcomed Alex with open arms, confirming their attitude to positively evaluate everything that is out of the box. They are so surprising, that they have disintegrated all the predictions by electing an objectively over the top president like Donald Trump, who in turn has denied all the mainstream predictions with his results.

A mentality naturally accustomed to go further is the precondition for an exhibitor to present its web platform to the American market at the most famous technological fair in the world, simulating, instead, an election campaign. Such an initiative would be unworkable for infinite reasons in Italy, starting with the lack of the substantial element like the direct election of the president by the people.

The flyer distributed in Las Vegas, designed by Nicolò Scorpo and translated by Noemi Galbiati

The fact is that, once the doors of the fair are open, leaflet after leaflet, thanks to Alex, hundreds of people are appearing at the Orwell’s stand, certainly attracted by the case history that the media of over 20 countries have dealt with , but, subsequently, also very interested in the Orwell platform and its main peculiarity: helping to communicate better through quality content.

Among these, of course, there are characters who seem to come out of a Quentin Tarantino movie, such as Steve, a Texan giant about two meters high who came looking for me after seeing the flyer somewhere around the fair. Once he reached the stand, he stood in front of me and, holding my hand tightly, he began to speak to me in his shrill voice. Strange, for someone as big as him.

«Trump is our President, he is the only one who serves our interests, for this we all must defend him» he began, shaking my hand more and more «you are strong, so you have to join him, because you don’t apply as vice president? ” It’s not easy to make him understand that mine candidacy is not real and that, however, it’s not possible to wake up in the morning and arbitrarily decide to run for someone else’s vice “Things don’t work like that, Steve! ” Do you know Mario Brega? If you Americanize him just enough, you will have Steve.

Which, after all, it’s what happened to me: Americanize me a little and you will have Alex. As for you, on the other hand, go ahead, “Orwellize” you a bit and you’ll get a good online communication, take the word of the Italian who managed to run for the White House

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è consulente di marketing strategico, keynote speaker e docente di branding e marketing digitale all’International Academy of Tourism and Hospitality. È stato inviato di «Vanity Fair» negli Stati Uniti per seguire Donald Trump, a Kiev per la campagna elettorale di Zelensky, collabora con diversi media ed è autore di 10 libri. Nel 2016, per promuovere la versione inglese de Il Predestinato ha inventato la sua finta candidatura alle primarie repubblicane sotto le mentite spoglie del protagonista del romanzo, il giovane Congressman Alex Anderson. Una case history di cui si sono occupati i principali network di tutto il mondo.

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