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Trump’s trap to fool the Democrats

Many, in the left wing, have a bad habit: they are conceited and as such they experience a superiority complex that leads them to think that they own the right to rule. The opponents? Just ignorant and, therefore, populist beasts. This is something we can say on the other way around. Since they have “some” problems with the People, they are convinced that every means to return to power is legitimate.

In Italy, for example, the last politician who became Prime Minister after winning the elections was Silvio Berlusconi in 2008: since then the left wing has returned to the government five times thanks to Palace Plays, so without having first obtained the consent of the voters.

The same path that the American Democratic party intends to follow. Unable to express a leadership beyond two rather drained and elderly figures like Biden (76) and Sanders (78), and aware that in one year they will probably lose, they try again the impeachment card to get rid of the current tenant of the White House.

Such a huge mistake. First of all, for a clear consideration: it’s crazy to think that they would be able to incriminate Trump for a phone call to the Ukrainian president after the failure of Robert Mueller, who investigated two years about Russiagate, especially since the transcription doesn’t show any “exchange” proposal, no, no smoking gun, which in jargon means key evidence, evidence of facts, being caught with the hand in the cookie jar.

Secondly, if a common politician would struggle to bear such a pressure and, perhaps, before this kind of fact he would consider the resignation, we should note that Trump has built his personal brand by feeding public opinion with a big part of his private life. So this kind of cases, not only don’t embarrass him, but they also represent “his world”, the perfect habitat where incubate a winning election campaign.

I have to admit that when I read the reactions to the publication of the now famous phone call with Zelensky’s transcripts, I remembered the countless happy theories of some pompous people that in our Cpuntry gave Berlusconi over with each new trial. Years later, they still haven’t understood that this kind of attacks are the best fuel for the narrative engine of leaders like him or Trump, who give their best in the role of “solo” against all.

Third consideration: what if it was just a trick for Biden? Yesterday, posting the transcript of the phone call on his Twitter profile, Trump implemented a sort of self-impeachment. Now, as we said at the beginning, if in those pages there is no trace of the proof that could make it surrender, then the decision to come out could be nothing but a smart move to force his possible opposer to justify the money taken by his son Hunter in Ukraine.

As we said before, if Trump does not even know what the word shame means and his supporters are equally insensitive to these attacks, Biden may be strongly embarrassed to publicly face his son’s questions, and like him the democratic voters who – like in 2016 with Clinton – could lose motivation and resign themselves to Trump’s re-election.

In conclusion, the impeachment process could be a boomerang for Biden and a blessing for Trump, who is perfectly comfortable in the shoes of the man of the people persecuted by the elite of the powerful and who, in different circumstances, has shown us a another fundamental aspect: what does not kill him makes him stronger.


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Consulente di marketing digitale, docente alla IATH Academy, è autore di 9 libri. È stato inviato di Vanity Fair alle elezioni USA dopo aver fatto il giro del mondo come Alex Anderson, il candidato fake alle presidenziali americane del 2016.

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